Why statement of purpose for graduate school is important?

12th December 2018 by Varada A | SOP For Graduate School

Pursuing a graduation course is a huge responsibility and a very crucial decision. Your entire future is determined by this particular phase of life – when you have to choose what is best for you. Your educational journey so far, in a way, have been revolving around this particular segment – everything; including your interests, goals, aspirations and ambitions – would have served as a fulcrum to move towards a particular graduate program.

The basic idea is to have a strong educational foundation which will help you to realise your dreams. Hence it is very important that you give wings to your aspirations from a robust platform that will help you in great way to build a well-defined tomorrow. That is why the process of admission is given so much attention and every detail about it is taken into account. Therefore it is crucially important to submit an effective statement of purpose for graduate school which will summarise everything.

How statement of purpose came into existence?

These days, owing to high competition rate within students and academic institutions, the educational authorities have put a system in place to streamline genuine applicants and give admission only to those who are actually serious about their studies and choice of course and college/university. That is how the statement of purpose came into being within the admission and selection process.

Generally known as sop or letter of purpose, the document is extremely important and needed while submitting along with other educational certificates and application documents when one is applying to certain college for a graduate course. This letter can actually be regarded as the ticket to your dream university. And in order to make it successful, you have to be extremely careful in creating an impactful sop.

Main objectives of statement of purpose

As the name denotes, the statement of purpose for graduate school is to share the student’s key ‘purpose’ in choosing a specific course and particular university. The admission panel, that would have to go through indefinite number of applications, has to pick the best among the lot. The sop will help them to check if a particular candidate is far more eligible than the rest to get the college seat. The letter of intent, in fact, makes it easier for the selection committee to go through the exhaustive admission process and saves time from going through pages of applications. If any student has not submitted a sop, the application stands nil and the committee will immediately move on to the next candidate.

The key factors of sop are:

  • To introduce oneself to the admission committee
  • To convey the reason of pursuing a graduate program
  • To share why a particular college is important to study that course
  • To tell how the course and college will help the student achieve his/her future goals
  • To share one’s idea and interest to match with the prospective course
  • To sound unique and better than the rest

The statement of purpose for graduate school gives a fair idea to the admission panel about a student’s writing skills, his background, qualification and personal attributes in more intimate manner. Although they wouldn’t be able to deal with the student face to face, the application letter will be able to convey the personal aspects of that student in much finer details.

Here, we like to mention that a sop is very vital for the students who are applying graduate programs in foreign countries specially. Unfortunately, either only few are aware of this fact or some don’t have any idea about how to write a sop. In such cases, it is fairly advisable to get professional assistance or from someone with similar writing experience.

The statement of purpose summarises an applicant’s educational background, interests, technical skills, extracurricular achievements, career and professional goals. This is in a way like a check list for the admission committee to assess a candidate and to check if he fits their college requirements. It is through the sop a student speaks to the college management and conveys his plans and motivations and what they hope to achieve after completing the course in their institution.

Nevertheless the interests and motives of each student is different from another, so the sop content will also vary. However the main concept will be same. Here are certain points one has to incorporate while writing a statement of purpose for graduate school.

Things to go within a statement of purpose format:

  1. Compelling Introduction
  2. Main idea and purpose of applying for the course and university.
  3. Brief description about applicant’s qualifications, interests, personal and academic achievements.
  4. Relevant experiences and training programs that will aid the course.
  5. Positive attributes that will help to make applicant’s SOP strong, impressive and match the course and future plans.
  6. Financial background; as to how the student will fund the course fees and other expenses (if the candidate is applying an overseas university).
  7. Brief outline about the applicant’s future and professional ambitions, after completing the course.

Always remember that, while writing a statement of purpose for graduate school, the letter is intended to distinguish your application from others. You have to breathe life into the SOP and convince the reader that you are truly a deserving applicant for the course as well as beneficial for the college.

But take care that there are different kinds of statement of purpose formats for every different course and professional area. A statement of purpose for graduate school is not similar to that for mba, since the purpose of both the fields vary and the two have diverse requirements. Similarly an educational sop is far different from that of internship.

As this particular letter is considered with so much regard, a student must never take it lightly and should not compromise on its content and quality. While one can seek help from seniors, teachers or experienced mentors, there is always an option to hire professional content writing services to serve your purpose in best way.

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