Drafting Exceptional Statement Of Interest Can Boost Your Job Prospects

1st December 2018 by Varada A | SOP Writing Guidelines

Are you applying for career roles in the academic arena? Recruiters in the academic arena demand the submission of Statements Of interest along with certificates during the job application process. For these employers, the Statement Of Interest is more valid than cover letters.

What is a Statement Of Interest?

A Statement Of Interest is a document that should be submitted to a company to convey your interests for joining the organization though vacancies matching your skills or abilities may be currently unavailable. It is also known as Letter Of Intent.

Features Of the Statement Of Interest

  • The Statement Of Interests should match with the job profile provided by organizations as a reference. This profile provides an insight into the expectations of the organization. Your Statement of Interest should exude your potential and it should match the expectations of your employers.
  • Express your genuine interests in the field and it should be reflected in your Statement Of Interest. You can also furnish your work experience, internships, projects and relate it to your career aspirations or goals. This can create a positive influence on the employers.
  • Provide an impactful introduction and avoid general introductions that can douse the impression of the reviewers or employers. Carefully craft your application.
  • Letters of interest are also sent to employers to inquire on the hiring prospects. Such letters are called Letter Of Inquiry in such circumstances.

Cover letters are different from Statement Of Interest. These letters are sent along with the resume while applying for job vacancies in any organizations. The content and details of the cover letter and Statement Of Purpose are similar. You can check the samples of both online and understand their similarities and difference.

Statements Of Interest are important documents and they should be framed with powerful sentences especially at the introduction. It should comprise of all the highlights included in the Statement of Interest.

Language And Inclusions Of The Statement Of Interests

Use best and refined language. Your employers should be impressed at your language standards and your presentation should also be impeccable. Also ensure that your Statement Of Interest should cover all the important aspects that the employers wanted to be informed on.

Your inclusions should convince the employers to hire you, provide details of your academic achievement and professional accomplishments.

Align your professional interests with requirements of the organizations. There are some more important considerations for developing impressive Statements of Interest. Let us have a good insight.

What are the best inclusions for your Statement Of Interest?

  1. What interests you in the chosen job or organisation?
  2. How does the job profile interest you?
  3. Are you skilled and qualified according to the company’s requirements?
  4. How can you benefit the interests of the employers?
  5. Mention your relevant experiences.

Provide answers to all these questions in your Statement Of Interests. Also focus on the format of the Statement Of Interests. It should be well-presented and compelling. Begin your Statement with your name, contact address and email. In the subject line, you can include ‘Statement Of Interest in XYZ Company. Plan the statement to be fitted in 2 or 3 pages.

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