Easy way to write Statement of purpose for MBA with these guidelines

5th December 2018 by Varada A | SOP For MBA

Major requisites while applying for MBA courses in most of the global business universities and schools are a cluster of MBA essays. Sometimes, even for admission to management courses at bachelors and masters level needs you to submit a statement of purpose.

A student who aspires to join a management course, know that the first hurdle he should cross is the entrance exam. Once you score good in any of these MBA entrance exams, now it’s time to think of the required documents to be submitted for admission to a business school. You may have prepared your resume, score cards, recommendation letters and all such things. You have to understand that these are only proofs that who you were in these past years. There is nothing vital to show your genuine interest or the real purpose why you want to pursue this particular course. Also there is no mention about your future or career goals in any of these documents. That’s why foreign universities insist on submitting a statement of purpose for mba.

But, the admission committees like to evaluate a student from past, present and future perspectives. Thus they want to know why he wants to join the course and how he will be utilising it in his future career or how he thinks the course will be of a great help in realising his long and short term life goals.  This is the basic theme you want to reflect in your sop for mba, besides some other relevant information.

Before going into the details of writing a SoP for MBA, let’s first see how it is different from that for MS. Initially, both are intended to serve the same purpose that to show the interest and passion of a student to join and pursue a particular course.

Now to mention the dissimilarities, the fundamental difference lies when the profile of the applicant is compared. Mostly freshers choose MS whereas candidates with at least 2-3 years of work experience apply for MBA. Hence, there will be much more to include in the statement of purpose for mba than MS. And is quite challenging as well.

However, there will be few fresher candidates applying for management courses. Take reference from examples for statement of purpose for mba without work experience to get better understanding about the content in such Sops.

The next difference to point out is that MS is relatively a technical course and thus the SOP tends to be talking more about technical aspects. Whereas, the SOP for MBA has to be a balanced draft showcasing both your technical and managerial capabilities. You have to speak as a mature and executive professional in your MBA sop.

Now let’s see what the format of a sop for general mba is…. Mostly the business schools will be providing admission prospects and guidelines about what all information they are seeking from each candidate. Obviously, they may be giving proper data about writing a statement of purpose. Though, there are some schools who ask for open SOPs, meaning the candidate is free to decide on what topic he should write. But here is the most challenging element; for that you have to guess what the University wants you to address in the SOP and write it in a very convincing manner.

Coming to the format of an SOP, it’s not like a CV where you enlist your qualities, strengths, achievements etc. It is more like an essay or story where the matter is spread across some logically connected paragraphs.

Next, we move on to answer the common query – what are the contents to be included in a statement of purpose for mba…?

Your SOP is not a fantasy story, so it needs to be more realistic. Thus you are ought to talk something about your past before getting in-depth into future aspects. Yet, remember that your resume is more than enough to serve this purpose. So don’t talk elaborative about the past academic pursuits. Mention merely about your academic background and the most relevant accomplishments in your career life. Also, if you have any notable life experience which made you more inclined towards opting this particular course, do mention it in your statement of purpose for mba.

Then in the following paragraphs, describe with evidences that why you wanted to join MBA at that University. Also why you aspires to continue your studies and what are your future goals.

But, the challenge here is related to the length of the statement of purpose for mba. As stated earlier, some schools individually provide the rules and guidelines, else if not, it’s good to adhere to a standard word count.

Here, you need to think from the perspective of an admission officer.  Nobody will encourage long written essays when they are already running out of time. So, it is advised to keep your SOP not more than 2 pages long with sufficient spacing. Or draft it within, not more than 1000 words.

Also, if you write a too short essay, the admission officers evaluate yourself negatively thinking you are not an organised person and have no self-awareness.

It is always better to start with a rough copy of the statement of purpose for mba and do the necessary modifications till you reach the final document as required. Because, there is a much harder post-writing phase where you have to proof read your document mercilessly and make it refined and polished in all terms. So a rough draft can be of great help from the very beginning.

The major mistake students make in their SOP is that they copy the statement of purpose examples and ignore the fact that, the SOP should be reflecting oneself eventually, more than anything. Not only that, the universities are very particular about the plagiarism and by copying an example, you are risking your opportunity.

But, to understand about the contents and structure you can refer any sample statement of purpose for mba in international business.

You have succeeded in deciding how you want your future to be. Now, by taking some positive initiative, do achieve it and be happy. We will be pleased to know if you want us to help you in writing your MBA essays. Feel free to contact us…..




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