Dos and Don’ts about Economics Personal Statement

8th November 2018 by Varada A | SOP Writing


Using some 4000 characters, you are asked to tell a University why they want to select you or how will you be a promising candidature for them, through your personal statement. Your high scores, if backed with an appealing personal statement will definitely enhance your chance of being admitted to your dream course at the desired university and destination. Every personal statement is more or less same in the general format and outline. But it depends on the details of your relevant experiences and achievements, and the inspiring incidents that concreted your decision to pursue a particular course, which is the body part of your essay that marks a difference.

Coming to a personal statement for economics graduate course, we have complied some expert opinions to help the aspiring candidates to acquire their dream career.

There is no order or sequence of points specifically provided to be followed, while writing a personal statement. But, a universally accepted personal statement format is to arrange the paragraphs in the structure as given below.

How to organise?

Make use of utmost 5 paragraphs each with 8-9 sentences.  Let’s now separately see what to include in each of these paragraphs of an economics personal statement.

1st Paragraph: It’s an introduction part. Mention about:

  1. Why you aspire to study Economics?
  2. What are the inspiring facets of the subject?
  3. What is the real motivating factor that made you to choose a course in economics?
  4. How the course is going to help you achieve your future career goals?

2nd Paragraph: Mainly academic history and accomplishments are stated here with real life examples, if possible.

  1. How your past academic pursuits will be helping you in the course chosen?
  2. Had you undergone any trainings or internships?
  3. What are the extra-curricular qualities that will be of help for you in this course of study?
  4. Do you have any notable life experiences from which you was inspired towards the course, say economics? If yes, say how it influenced you.

3rd Paragraph: Prove that you are genuinely interested in the course of study

  1. By mentioning about economics related books that you have read, any historic or present day economist who inspired you, which you feel are apt to prove your in-depth interest and dedication towards the subject.

But don’t enlist a number of books in your economics personal statement, instead stick on to one or two books which you consider the best.

4th Paragraph: Mention about the related work experience

  1. As you are applying for economics degree, if you have any voluntary or social work experience, describe about the lesson you learned from them.
  2. Also you can add few lines about your hobbies or sports and games of interest – if it can boost your skills needed for the course. For e.g., Taking part in quiz can sound better than being selected as the cricket team captain, while applying for a course like Economics.

5th Paragraph: List your awards, honours or participation notes in any national or international level seminars, discussions etc in the economics personal statement.

Note that as if you are applying for foreign nations, mention about your English language skills and specify if you have done any particular course for that. Also add a line about why you have chosen XYZ country for your course of study. To get a better idea, go on internet and refer for examples on economics personal statement which will help you with a good flow and effectively.

The above mentioned structure is found to be accepted and appreciated for being readable and well-written. It gives all the necessary information, the University wants to know about a candidate.

Being creative is always fine, but be careful not to get deviated away from the core points. See for some best samples of economics personal statement.

Checks and Balances

  1. Scrutinise the whole document and ensure that it is free from all kind of errors including the spelling and grammatical errors. Also check for any misappropriate phrases or sentences and get them corrected. This type of fault brags a negative impression at the very onset.
  2. Unique way of writing and narrating will score more. Make the points in each paragraph clear by avoiding all kinds of uncertainty and ambiguity.
  3. State maximum examples and evidences to point out, limit your creative aspect and stuff the economics personal statement with noteworthy facts.
  4. Present a common feature in an uncommon way. For example, “I have been dreaming to pursue a career in Economics ever since I was a kid……” is not appropriate but, state any of your related childhood experience to indicate the same idea.
  5. Telling about your experiences even from being a child to the very present, gives you an outlook that you have had genuine interest in the field of study.
  6. Don’t plead or boast. Both are not suitable for a professional.
  7. Respect the reader and his experience. Be yourself and honest.

The above information are thoroughly inspected and provided for the help of candidates to write an effective economics personal statement. They are the opinions of many academicians and admission committee members. Hope it will help you…. Contact us if you need further writing helps.



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