Doctor Recommendation Letter writing guide 2024

Being a doctor, you would be eyeing a progressive career. Whether you are planning to switch your job or go for higher education, you need powerful doctor recommendation letters to stride ahead.

Do you know how to draft a perfect recommendation letter for doctor? With the right tonality, pitch, and quality, you can come up with an impressive doctor reference letter.

If you are not aware of the best principles of writing a doctor recommendation letter, this guide will help you out. As you scale up higher pedestals in your practice, make sure to get high-quality doctors recommendation letter drafted by the right recommender.

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What is a recommendation letter for doctor? Why is it important?

A doctor reference letter is an endorsement letter in favour of a doctor, which is commonly drafted by a mentor, a senior doctor, an organizational or departmental head, or a colleague. This recommendation letter endorses the character, abilities, and achievements of the doctor. When you apply for higher education, you might need a recommendation letter for resident doctors. Likewise, when you apply to a new healthcare organization, a recommendation letter for doctor job would come in handy for you.

A recommendation letter for doctor is a pivotal addition to your documents that can help you qualify. It is a crucial document that validates your professional qualities and skills. A well-crafted doctor recommendation letter goes well beyond your resume and projects a holistic profile to the selecting committee. Besides, the LOR comes from an authentic professional in the medical field. This makes your application authentic and increases your chances of getting selected.

What questions to ask before writing a recommendation letter for doctor?

If someone has approached you to write a letter of recommendation for doctoral program, it’s imperative to understand the profile of the candidate. Here are some crucial questions you should ask before you endorse someone with a doctor reference letter.

Why does the candidate need the recommendation letter for doctor?

The endorser must have a clear view of the purpose of drafting the LOR. Before drafting the doctor reference letter, talk to your student or colleague about whether he/she needs the letter for academic or professional purposes. Accordingly, come up with the right doctor recommendation letter format.

Where does the doctor stand academically?

Before drafting a letter of recommendation doctor for your colleague, ask for the resume and other academic transcriptions. As you scan through these documents, you can get an idea about the candidate’s academic progression. This way, you can align the academic accomplishments and professional goals of the person.

What are the achievements of the doctor?

A reference letter for medical doctor should convey the professional achievements of the person. So, discuss these aspects with the applicant. Also, include a few anecdotes that would add value to the profile of the doctor.

What norms do you need to adhere to while drafting the LOR?

Depending on the purpose of the LOR for doctor, you may have to adhere to specific norms. Look into the job description of the candidate, or the website of the organization where the doctor would be applying. While drafting the doctor’s recommendation letter, be sure about the submission timeframe, recommended format, and length of the document.

What to include in the recommendation letter for doctor?

Depending on the profile of the doctor and the purpose of the LOR, you need to decide its contents. Make sure to establish your association with the candidate firmly in the document. Apart from mentioning the skillset of the applicant, explain the person’s potential using real-life examples.

learn complete method of writing a recommendation letter for doctor

What do authorities look for in a doctor recommendation letter?

Once you submit a recommendation letter for doctor, the concerned authorities would screen the document and scan it meticulously to understand your profile holistically. Here are certain aspects they would look out for in the LOR.

Professional skills:

A recommendation letter for medical doctor should holistically include the professional skills of the applicant. Cite instances to explain the potential of the candidate in true light.


The quality of the recommendation letter for doctor goes a long way in determining its success. So, make sure to incorporate a professional format and style, and use the right set of words. Choosing the appropriate tone and pitch also matters when you draft your LOR.

The tone:

Despite being professional with your approach while writing a doctor recommendation letter, it’s imperative to choose the right tone. Unless your pitch appeals to the selecting committee with enthusiasm, your LOR isn’t likely to click.

Relationship with the candidate:

The association between the endorser and the candidate goes a long way in establishing the weight of the LOR. A doctor reference letter should clearly establish a legitimate bond between the two people.

He vision of the doctor:

It’s crucial to align the academic and professional goals of the candidate together. Whether you are drafting the recommendation letter for doctor for academic or professional purposes, the document should convey this logical connection.

What is the ideal length of a recommendation letter for doctor?

As demonstrated in the doctor reference letter sample, keep the length of the document between 400 and 500 words. In case the organization where the candidate is applying comes up with a specific guideline, make sure to adhere to the same.

As for the font style, keep it professional. Arial and Times New Roman are standard choices for formal documents. Use font size 11 or 12, and maintain a 1-inch margin on each side of the page.

recommendation letter for doctor sample, lor example for docters

Doctor recommendation letter sample

Here’s a doctor recommendation letter sample that should help you understand how you should go around drafting these documents. Contact SOPConsultants for reduce rejection risks. 

Dear Mr. Jones,


I feel pleased to write this letter of endorsement for Dr. Anurag Sharma, my staff psychiatrist, who worked under my supervision at Fortis Hospital, New Delhi for the last six years. He is a committed medical professional and has demonstrated his acumen in clinical as well as administrative domains of his area of interest. For the last four years, he has been serving in the managerial department of our Psychiatry department when I am on leave. I have come to know that he has decided to embrace a progressive career path, and would like to recommend him as an ideal candidate. Your urban medical centre would be apt for him to stride along to a happening career, where he can manage the psychiatric ward with responsibility and care.

 In the last couple of years, out organization significantly expanded the treatment facilities for substance abuse in the mental health outpatient department. It was then that Mr. Sharma had a phenomenal role to play while we integrated our latest facilities. I, therefore, appreciate his administrative abilities and the ability to select the right staff. He also worked along with me while we shortlisted our interns who would be looking after the mental health requirements of our organization. Anurag’s expertise and experience in this domain have proven advantageous to our hospital. I am confident that he will carry on with his good work. His skills and organizational abilities make him an ideal pick for your organization.

Dr. Sharma also collaborated with our team while we were working on our Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Program. Our hospital is located close to the urban zones, which makes it a busy place for doctors. It was largely due to the compassion and coordination of Dr. Sharma, along with his esteemed ethical standards that we could fulfill the expectations of our patients. In the process, we came up with effective strategies to help patients deal with their challenges in mental health.

I would also express my gratification to Dr. Sharma as he helped us work on our Psychiatry Internship Program. He carefully evaluated the needs of the patients and identified the scope of medical students who would be interning at our organization. This program was meant for aspirants who would be studying in the third year in the medical school. We are happy with his contribution in working on the seminar curriculum, while he also configured special clinical assignments and decided how the interns would be supervised.

Considering his potential to contribute to your esteemed organization, I recommend Dr. Anurag Sharma for the vacancy of a staff psychiatrist. Feel free to reach out to me for any further details on Dr. Sharma that would be beneficial to you.



Surest Agarwal, M.D.

Chief of Psychiatry,

Fortis Hospital, New Delhi



How to use a recommendation letter sample for doctor?

Now that you have gone through the recommendation letter sample for doctor, let’s understand how this can help you.

step by step guide of writing a letter of recommendation for doctor.

Write a recommendation letter for doctor in 6 steps

We have already provided you with a doctor reference letter sample. Since you are well-informed about how to draft these LORs, let’s explore how to draft these documents in 6 easy steps.

Draft a brief introduction

The introduction of a doctor recommendation letter is the best place to establish the connection between you and the candidate. Therefore, mention your position, designation, and experience before explaining how you know the candidate and why you are endorsing the person.

Second paragraph

In the second paragraph of the recommendation letter for doctor, mention the key skills and strengths of the candidate. These skills must be contextual to the position that the person is applying for.

Third paragraph

As explained in the doctor reference letter sample, use real life examples to demonstrate the potential of the candidate. Also, explain the achievements and accomplishments of the professional to give a realistic edge to the document.

Concluding paragraph

 Evaluate the strengths of the doctor in the concluding paragraph of the LOR. Justify why the person would be a good match for the position in the professional or academic field. Whether or not the candidate would make through depends on the quality of your recommendation letter for doctor.

Provide contact details

Just like the recommendation letter sample for doctor, make sure to provide the contact details so that the selecting committee can reach out to the endorser if necessary.

Edit and proofread

Meticulously edit the recommendation letter for doctor and proofread it to eliminate grammatical, syntax, factual, or spelling errors. The last thing you would want to tarnish the document is a silly mistake.

who can write best letter of recommendation for doctor,

Who is eligible to write a recommendation letter for doctor?

Given that the profile of the recommender largely determines the authenticity of the document, it’s crucial to reach out to the right professional to get the document drafted. You may reach out to these professionals for your doctor reference letter.

  • Any doctor or senior medical professional whom you worked with during your rotation or clinical research.
  • Reach out to a mentor or professor who guided you during your medical training.
  • Get across to one of your co-workers or colleagues in the same rank to draft a doctor reference letter.
  • Your departmental head in the field of medicine can also be an authentic person to help you with an LOR.

Final Checklist

  • Did you follow the guidelines while drafting the doctor recommendation letter?
  • Does your LOR look professional like the one given in the doctor reference letter sample?
  • Is all the information about the candidate in the reference letter accurate?
  • Did you include the contact information in the doctor reference letter?
  • Are you sure how to ask a doctor for a letter of recommendation?

Dos and don’ts


  • Take time to talk to the candidate regarding the contents of the LOR
  • Customize the LOR after considering the purpose of the document and the applicant’s profile
  • Adhere to the prescribed guidelines and word count
  • Share quantitative details to articulate the strengths of the candidate
  • Make sure that the recommendation letter for doctor is engaging and leave no space for ambiguity


  • Refrain from using generic facts or language in the LOR
  • Don’t overemphasize on the academic aspects, focus on the professional strengths too
  • Refrain from heaping unnecessary praise on the candidate
  • Don’t share any personal information of the candidate in the doctor recommendation letter
  • Try not to include unprofessional language or phrases in the LOR

Tips for writing the perfect recommendation letter for doctor

  • If not otherwise mentioned, use your official letterhead while drafting a recommendation letter for doctor 
  • Check the document for plagiarism, grammar, and punctuation.
  • Add your official seal and signature at the bottom of the doctor recommendation letter
  • Provide accurate information in the LOR for doctors
  • Justify your opinion about the applicant with relevant examples


Have you gone through the doctor reference letter sample and guidelines for developing the perfect recommendation letter for doctor? This will help you come up with the perfect LOR when a colleague or junior doctor approaches you to write one for them.

If you aren’t confident yet to draft the perfect doctor recommendation letter, consider reaching out to an expert. Reputed creative agencies can help you with powerful doctor reference letters that can click for the candidates.


A: A letter of recommendation for doctors is a formal document written by a medical professional, usually a senior physician or mentor, that provides a personal and professional assessment of a doctor’s skills, expertise, and achievements. It is typically used to support applications for career advancement, academic programs, or fellowships.

A: Letters of recommendation can help doctors demonstrate their qualifications and accomplishments to prospective employers, academic institutions, and professional organizations. They can also provide insight into the doctor’s personal and professional qualities that may not be evident from their resume or academic record.

A: Letters of recommendation should be written by medical professionals who have worked closely with the doctor and are familiar with their skills, knowledge, and personal qualities. This can include senior physicians, mentors, supervisors, or colleagues who can provide a comprehensive and objective assessment of the doctor’s abilities.

A: A letter of recommendation should include the doctor’s name, title, and a brief introduction of their background and qualifications. It should also highlight the doctor’s key achievements, skills, and contributions, and provide specific examples to support these claims. Additionally, the letter should assess the doctor’s personal and professional qualities, such as their communication skills, work ethic, and ability to work collaboratively with others.

A: If you are requesting a letter of recommendation for a doctor, it’s important to approach the potential writer in a respectful and professional manner. Be clear about the purpose of the letter and provide any necessary information or forms. Additionally, give the writer sufficient time to complete the letter and offer to provide any additional information or materials they may need.

A: Yes, doctors can request a letter of recommendation for themselves, but it is generally considered more appropriate to have another medical professional write the letter on their behalf. A self-written letter may be perceived as less objective or less credible than a letter written by an external reference.

A: Letters of recommendation should be concise but comprehensive, typically no longer than one or two pages. It’s important to provide enough detail to support the doctor’s qualifications and achievements, but avoid unnecessary or irrelevant information.

A: Letters of recommendation should be formatted as a professional business letter, with the writer’s contact information and the date at the top, followed by a salutation and the body of the letter. It should be signed by the writer and include their title and contact information at the bottom.


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vasuki ram - professional and experienced content writer - sopconsultants
Founder/Sr. Writer - SOP Consultants

Vasuki Ram, senior writer and the founder of SOP Consultants is a B-tech Graduate who used to work in an MNC. Starting from 2013, she along with her team has assisted more than 10,000 students. Shift in her career was drastic. Read full story here.

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