Internship Recommendation Letter Writing Guide 2024

Looking for your first internship opportunity to add some practical experience to your academic profile? A strong internship reference letter can click for you!

If you aren’t sure how to write a letter of recommendation for internship, we are going to help you out! Remember, competition is raging fiercely in the academic circuit. Only a well-articulated recommendation writing service for internship program from an authentic source can give you a berth in a reputed company.

Besides professional help in academic writing guiding you on drafting the best LOR for internship, we have also provided you with an internship reference letter sample. Sounds interesting? Read on to know how to develop a winning internship reference letter, whether you need it for yourself want to help someone.

Everything you need to know about how to write internship recommendation letter
What is an Internship Reference Letter? Why is it Important?

What is an Internship Reference Letter? Why is it Important?

In several industries like engineering or IT, students need to complete internships before landing on their first job. An internship reference letter serves as an endorsement in favour of the applicant to a potential employer. 

If you are in the teaching profession, some of your students might reach out to you, requesting an LOR for internship. Even if you are student, you might need a reference letter from your teacher, HOD, mentor, or professor.

Recommendation letter Writing service for internship completion is important since this formal document articulates the abilities of the students. Whether or not the student gets an opportunity to complete an internship largely depends on the quality and professionalism of the internship reference letter. Therefore, a LOR for internship should craft a positive image about the applicant.

What questions should you ask before writing an internship reference letter?

An internship reference letter should be highly customized to complement the profile of the candidate. Before you get started with drafting a good letter of recommendation for internship, make sure to discuss these questions with your endorser.

What industry are you planning to intern in?

It’s wise to choose an endorser who’s well-familiar with your industry. So, if you are an engineering student, it’s wise to reach out to your project mentor to draft the internship reference letter.

What should the internship reference letter include?

This largely depends on where you are applying for the internship. If you have industry experience, your LOR should include the same. However, students usually have their first industry exposure through the internship. Therefore, your LOR should include insights of your academic profile and soft skills.

What are guidelines for writing the internship reference letter?

Consider whether or not the company where the candidate would be applying for the internship has provided any guidelines. It’s important to understand their requirements at the outset.

Which format should you use in your letter of recommendation for internship?

Use the internationally accepted format as presented in the internship reference letter sample unless otherwise mentioned. Check out the guidelines of the organization where you are planning to apply for the internship.

Whom should you address the internship reference letter to?

The endorser must research to find out the exact name and designation of the person whom the internship LOR would be addressed to. If this information is not available, you can use a general salutation.

Key Elements to Include in your Internship Reference Letter

Whether you seek an internship reference letter from employer or your teacher, make sure to identify the key elements that the document should carry. These include:


A professionally crafted internship reference letter works much better than an amateurish one. Therefore, try not to write your own internship letter. Reach out to your teacher, professor, or a creative expert.


Your letter of recommendation for internship should convey practical skills that are relevant to the industry.


Rather than focusing solely on academics, your letter of recommendation for student internship should throw light on your characteristic traits.


The selecting committee would be interested to know why the candidate stands out from the rest. Therefore, the endorser should be prudent enough to contextualize the skills and personality of the applicant strategically.

Pitch and tone:

A lot depends on the pitch and tone of your internship reference letter. If you are not sure how to project your pitch, check out the recommendation letter for internship sample to get a better idea.

How Long Should an Internship Reference Letter be?

How Long Should an Internship Reference Letter be?

Unless otherwise mentioned, keep the internship reference letter within one page of an A4 sized sheet. Typically, these LORs are 400 to 500 words long. Use a professional font such as Times New Roman or Arial and stick to font size 11 or 12. Also, use a 1-inch margin on all sides of the page.

Internship reference letter sample

Here’s a recommendation letter for internship sample for you to check and understand the format. Closely observe the language, professional tone, structure, format, and pitch. You can develop your own recommendation for internship program once you get a concrete idea after reading this sample.

Dear Malcolm Green,


I feel gratified to endorse one of my most sincere students, Rajeev Roy, for the post of an intern in your esteemed daily. In my position as the HOD of the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, Amity University, I am privileged to evaluate the potential that Rajeev holds. Therefore, I would like to recommend him as a capable candidate for the three-month internship at your revered organization. I met Rajeev back in 2020 when he joined our college to complete his graduation. It has been three years that I have been observing him as the departmental head. Besides, I have taken his classes in the second and third semesters for the reporting, editing, and advertisement papers.

During my interactions with Rajeev, I came to know about his keen interest in the print media. Besides, he impressed me with his sense of creativity and responsibility while writing his reports. We frequently used to have serious discussions about recent developments in the print media, and the importance of presenting news objectively at a time when media houses tend to be biased while framing developments.

What impressed me more about Rajeev was his incessant efforts to hone fresh writing skills. He succeeded in maintaining professional quality in his editorials, features, and news reports. Most importantly, he used to submit his assignments within his deadlines. He was also a part of our Bibliophile Society, and was innovative with his approach in sharing creative knowledge with other members. It was back then that Rajeev expressed his intention to integrate himself into the publishing industry. I was confident that his creative strengths would take him to great heights in his career. Now that he is nearing the end of his graduation years, he needs a recognized platform like yours to demonstrate his creative skills. I am also confident that he won’t disappoint you, given that he has a decent ability to grasp newsworthy events and translate them to stories.

Rajeev has taken the right decision by applying as an intern in the Editorial Department of your esteemed daily. He has interacted with the editorial staff of leading publication houses in Delhi in the last couple of years. Even as a part of our industry visits, we have offered him plenty of opportunities to interact with creative professionals. Now that he has capitalized on these opportunities and drawn inspiration from successful journalists and columnists, he’s delving into a dynamic career.

Therefore, I strongly recommend Rajeev as an intern, and would like to furnish any additional information about him that you might need. Feel free to contact me, and I would be obliged to help you with the same.



Rajdeep Sharma

HOD, Journalism and Mass Communication,

Amity University, Delhi

Phone no:


How to use a Recommendation Letter for Internship Sample?

Now that you have gone through this recommendation letter for internship sample, let’s find out how this can help you.

Write your Internship Reference Letter in 6 Steps

Write your Internship Reference Letter in 6 Steps

We have simplified the process of writing an internship reference letter in six steps for your convenience.

Carry out research

Depending on the type of internship reference letter you need, carry out some research at the outset. This way, the endorser will be able to list particular details based on the context. If you are endorsing a student, go through the candidate’s academic history and resume.

Establish your association

The first paragraph of your letter of recommendation for internship program should include a brief introduction regarding how you know the candidate. Start with mentioning your name, designation, and occupation. Make sure to state the number of years for which you know the student.

Focus on excellence

In the next segment of the recommendation for internship program, explain why the candidate would be ideal for the internship. In this context, you need to summarize the person’s skills and academic strengths. Also, list the qualifications and how you perceive the candidate in the professional perspective.

Demonstrate with examples

 To make the internship reference letter effective and practical, share some of your experiences with the candidate. Providing genuine examples of the person’s characteristic traits and excellence will project him/her in a positive light.

Write a strong conclusion

A lot depends on how you pitch the concluding paragraph of the letter of recommendation for internship. Summarize the core strengths of the candidate after evaluating the background of the organization where the application is being made. A strong conclusion, framed with the right words can help the candidate get selected for the internship.

Edit and proofread

Polish your internship reference letter by editing the document. Carefully proofread it thrice to eliminate all sorts of flaws and refine the language for maximum impact.

Who Should Write an Internship Recommendation Letter?

Top companies prefer internship reference letters from someone authentic who’s familiar with your academic or professional profile. In general, you should approach your teacher, professor, or HOD if you need an academic or volunteering internship reference letter. However, sometimes companies want you to submit professional internship reference letters. In these cases, you need to get your internship reference letter drafted by your employer, manager, or colleague.

Final checklist

  • Did you customize the letter of recommendation for internship? A generic approach won’t click for the student.
  • Did you cover all the important qualities of the candidate?
  • Does the internship reference letter carry a logical narrative flow?
  • Did you write the LOR in a professional tone?
  • Did you focus on how the candidate can benefit the employer?
  • Is the recommendation letter after internship as lucid as the sample?
Dos and don’ts of writing a letter of recommendation for internship




Tips for writing an internship reference letter


Do you have any other doubts about how to write the best internship reference letter?

We have explained how you should draft these important documents. The next time someone reaches out to you asking for a reference letter, you can oblige the candidate with the needful!

Still, if you need professional help in writing an internship reference letter, feel free to reach out to a creative expert.

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Vasuki Ram, senior writer and the founder of SOP Consultants is a B-tech Graduate who used to work in an MNC. Starting from 2013, she along with her team has assisted more than 10,000 students. Shift in her career was drastic. Read full story here.

vasuki ram - professional and experienced content writer - sopconsultants
Founder/Sr. Writer - SOP Consultants

Vasuki Ram, senior writer and the founder of SOP Consultants is a B-tech Graduate who used to work in an MNC. Starting from 2013, she along with her team has assisted more than 10,000 students. Shift in her career was drastic. Read full story here.

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