Volunteer Recommendation Letter Writing Guide 2024

Walking in a leader’s shoes in a non-profit organization often requires you to write a realistic volunteer recommendation letter. Volunteer work involves performing charitable or unpaid tasks. However, this volunteering experience weighs heavy when one of the members of your organization applies for higher education or a job. So, they might reach out to you, requesting a recommendation letter writing support for volunteer work.

Do you know the format and structure of a successful reference letter for a volunteer? Well, don’t worry, SOP Consultants have explained the process of writing a volunteer recommendation letter in this guide.

So, the next time someone reaches out to you asking for a community service letter of recommendation, you can oblige the member!

learn how to write volunteer recommendation letter complete guide
What is a Volunteer Recommendation Letter Why is volunteer recommendation letter is Important

What is a Volunteer Recommendation Letter? Why is it Important?

A volunteer recommendation letter is an endorsement letter addressed to the selecting committee at a university or the hiring manager. It conveys the competence of the volunteer in managing the activities entrusted to him/her during the volunteer experience. Emphasizing the volunteer’s capabilities helps the selecting committee understand the potential that the candidate holds.

Writing a strong recommendation letter for volunteer work is crucial since it documents the commitment, skills, and passion for community work. A well-crafted letter of recommendation for volunteer work can complement the candidate’s efforts to qualify for a job, scholarship, or admission.

Questions to Ask Before Writing a Volunteer Recommendation Letter

Drafting a powerful reference letter for a volunteer requires the endorser to discuss specific aspects with the candidate. So, make sure to talk to the community member asking for the LOR regarding these aspects.

What’s the Purpose of the Volunteer Recommendation Letter?

A volunteer recommendation letter may be necessary as a part of the formalities for a job application, college admission, scholarship, or any other admission purpose. When you get to know the exact necessity, it becomes easier to contextualize facts in the document.

Are there any specific guidelines to follow?

The organization requiring the recommendation letter for volunteer work may have specific requirements like format, word count, or submission method. It’s wise to inquire about these particulars before getting started.

What experiences do the volunteer want to share?

In a community service letter of recommendation, the endorser should include only relevant experiences. Again, these experiences tend to vary depending on the letter’s purpose. So, have a discussion with the candidate about the most relevant experiences that he/she wants you to share.

What positive traits of the volunteer would you endorse?

Generic LORs don’t click for the candidate. So, make sure to discuss the positive personality traits that you are going to include in the volunteer recommendation letter.

To whom should you address the volunteer recommendation letter?

It’s wise to find out whom you should address the LOR by carrying out a little research. Maybe, the volunteer knows the exact name and designation of the person who would be reading the reference letter.

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What do Selection Officials Check in a Volunteer Recommendation Letter?

Considering the high number of applicants, selecting committees tends to be stringent while evaluating volunteer recommendation letters. They would screen the LOR for the following elements.

Contribution potential:

Given that almost anyone can have volunteering experience, selection officials are particular about the potential of each candidate. Be specific about how the member benefitted from the volunteering experience. Accordingly, the person should be able to transform the same set of skills in the new organization.

Social commitment:

Colleges and recruiters prefer candidates holding a high social commitment. Therefore, your reference letter for a volunteer should convey the person’s social commitment.


Selecting committees are meticulous while evaluating the personality of the candidates. They look into the moral values, sense of responsibility, and socializing skills of these applicants.

Unbiased approach:

Try not to brag about a candidate when you draft a recommendation letter for volunteer work. Employers and college authorities look out for unbiased perspectives in these documents.


Highlight the applicant’s problem-solving skills, managerial abilities, teamwork, and interactive skills in the LOR. Institutes and organizations look out for dynamic candidates with volunteering experience.

How Long Should a Volunteer Recommendation Letter and all informations

How Long Should a Volunteer Recommendation Letter be?

A typical volunteer recommendation letter should be 400 to 500 words long. Don’t make the endorsement letter too lengthy. It should be one page of an A4 sheet maximum.

If you are not sure of the format, check out a volunteer recommendation letter sample to clarify your doubts.

Volunteer recommendation letter sample

Have a look at this sample letter of recommendation for community involvement to get a better idea about the choice of words, formatting, pitch, tone, and professionalism.

Dear Mr. Jones,


It’s a pleasure for me to endorse one of the most dedicated volunteers, Reshma Nair, to your esteemed organization. Being the Chairperson of the Samaritan Society, I am privileged to recommend Reshma to your company. I first came to know Reshma four years ago when she joined our charitable organization. She’s teeming with energy, and I believe she can contribute fervently with her skills and managerial abilities to your company.

Ever since she got involved in our fundraising activities, we managed to raise record amounts. She has always been creative and unique with her fundraising ideas. I really appreciate her innovative approach to volunteering activities and dedication to tasks even when she’s not paid for. Her honesty and ability to work in different professional circumstances make her the right candidate to work as a treasurer in our organization for the last couple of years.

Reshma is a hardworking lady who loves obliging her organization by fulfilling her commitments. She’s always ready to walk the extra mile for the benefit of her organization. Over the last four years, she has demonstrated a perfect specimen of sound morale and character. We had already checked her background before appointing her as a treasurer for our NGO. Her adroitness in handling funds, accounting skills, and ability to process financial reports make her an ideal candidate for the vacancy at your organization. I am confident that she will serve as a reliable accountant at your company.

Being a part of the non-profit sector, I have worked with hundreds of volunteers over the years. However, the level of commitment and dedication Reshma has shown remains unmatched. She’s a tireless worker who always prioritizes the goals of her organization. Just after being appointed as the treasurer of our organization, Reshma pointed out a couple of loopholes in the accounting software. We were prompt enough to fix the bugs, and thanked her that she was vigilant enough to find the loopholes. When we fixed the software, it made her task a bit complicated. However, she never complained, and remained committed to her task.

I also appreciate her jovial nature and socializing skills. I am confident that you will be happy to work with Reshma. Therefore, I strongly recommend her for the post of accountant at your revered organization. Feel free to reach out to me for any further detail on Reshma, and I would like to help you with the same. You can call me at ………. or send an email at ………. any time.



Anny White


Samaritan Society

How Should You Use a Volunteer Recommendation Letter Sample?

The volunteer recommendation letter sample will help you grasp the tonality, pitch, professional language, and structure of the actual LOR you should be drafting. Here’s how you should use this volunteer recommendation letter sample.

Write Your Volunteer Recommendation Letter in 6 Steps, step by step guide

Write Your Volunteer Recommendation Letter in 6 Steps

Have you checked out the volunteer recommendation letter sample? Now that you already know what to include in this document, let’s explore the steps involved in drafting a volunteer recommendation letter.

Establish your connection

The first paragraph of a reference letter for a volunteer should explain the position of the endorser. The authenticity of the LOR largely depends on the recommender’s profile. So, mention your name, organization, designation, and why you are a trustable person to draft the reference letter.

Discuss the volunteer’s activities

Now that you have evaluated the organization’s background, contextualize the specific activities of the volunteer. In the process, you can convey the valuable traits of the volunteer to the selecting committee.

Justify your endorsement

In the subsequent paragraphs, explain why you believe the volunteer to be the right choice for the college or company. You may include some personal stories to project the candidate’s profile more practically.

Explain the growth potential

The reference letter for a volunteer should also include a proper explanation of the candidate’s growth potential in the new organization. You may specify how the candidate can contribute to the college or business.

Provide necessary details

While writing a volunteer recommendation letter, include your name, address, and date. End the document by furnishing your contact information so that the authorities can reach out to you.

Edit and proofread

Once you have completed writing the recommendation letter for volunteer work, carefully edit and proofread the document. All your efforts can turn futile if the admission authorities flag it for grammatical or spelling errors.

Who Can Write a Volunteer Recommendation Letter?

The volunteer recommendation letter must come from someone authentic, like the head of a non-profit organization. However, volunteers can also reach out to the coordinator of a charitable program, supervisor, manager, co-volunteers, professors, or teachers.

Final checklist

  • How strongly does the volunteer recommendation letter endorse the candidate?
  • Did you research on the organization’s values and ethics?
  • How good is the LOR compared to the volunteer recommendation letter sample?
  • Did you use the right format and structure in the document?
  • To what extent did you customize the volunteer recommendation letter to serve its purpose?
Do's and don'ts of writing volunteer letter of recommendation for volunteer work

Dos and Don't of Writing volunteer lor



Tips to Write a Perfect Volunteer Recommendation Letter


Are you confident to write a letter of recommendation for volunteer work for any of your members? This guide should have helped you understand the format, language, and tonality.

Given that the volunteer recommendation letter should be accurate in terms of presentation and structure, there’s zero scope for committing mistakes. If you aren’t confident to draft a successful recommendation letter for volunteer work to help your community member bag a job or admission, consider seeking professional help.

Experienced creative agencies can draft the ideal reference letter for a volunteer based on the respective requirements.


Volunteer Recommendation Letters are usually written by supervisors, project coordinators, nonprofit organization leaders, or anyone in a position to evaluate the volunteer’s performance.

A Volunteer Recommendation Letter serves as a powerful testament to a volunteer’s dedication, reliability, and impact. It can significantly enhance their chances of securing future volunteer roles, scholarships, or employment opportunities.

A comprehensive Volunteer Recommendation Letter should include the volunteer’s name, relationship to the writer, specific examples of their contributions, skills, and character traits, as well as an overall endorsement of their suitability for future opportunities.

Absolutely! Volunteer Recommendation Letters can be valuable when applying for jobs, especially if your volunteer experience relates to the position you’re seeking. They showcase your skills and commitment to potential employers.

Yes, it’s helpful to provide the writer with details about your volunteer work, accomplishments, and any specific points you’d like them to highlight. This ensures that the letter is tailored to your goals.

Volunteer Recommendation Letters should follow a formal business letter format. Include a salutation, introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Use professional language and address it to the recipient when applicable.

While templates can provide a helpful structure, it’s crucial to personalize each letter to the volunteer’s unique contributions and qualities. Avoid generic templates that lack specificity.

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vasuki ram - professional and experienced content writer - sopconsultants
Founder/Sr. Writer - SOP Consultants

Vasuki Ram, senior writer and the founder of SOP Consultants is a B-tech Graduate who used to work in an MNC. Starting from 2013, she along with her team has assisted more than 10,000 students. Shift in her career was drastic. Read full story here.

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